The Sims FreePlay Desert Oasis Update

A new update is out for The Sims Freeplay. Read the changes and additions below and get the update today.

Sul, sul!

We hope your Sims are ready to build their latest creations on a new house lot that feels like a holiday destination! Sand, sun, and endless fun await because for the first time we’re introducing a brand-new desert house lot environment filled with cacti, palm trees and did we mention sandYour Sims will feel like they’re in a desert oasis every day!

Desert Oasis Live Event

Starting March 10, complete a series of tasks and acquire resources every day with your Sims from arts and crafts stations. You’ll have the opportunity to unlock a brand-new Desert Oasis villa style house template, set on an arid desert environment for the perfect warm getaway!

Along the way you’ll unlock bohemian style rewards, that complete a boho-chic style pad. The grand prize is filled with knitted macramé décor, round arch door frames, rattan furniture, pampas planters and natural organic accented styling!

The grand prize desert house lot is only available to players that complete the Desert Oasis Live Event. Once unlocked, you‘ll be able to place this on either Standard or Ocean View residences in SimTown!

SimChase – Boho Battleground & Desert Duel!

There are two exciting SimChase events during the Desert Oasis update. Plan your time effectively to win against your in-game rival Sim and jump in to earn prizes that will compliment your new house lot! Starting March 24, ‘Desert Duel’ Season 12 kicks off and allows players to earn prickly cacti and palm trees, terracotta fencing, and an outdoor pizza oven to add to their very own rustic paradise.  

Don’t miss ‘Boho Battleground’ Season 13 – the event starts April 9 and your Sims will love relaxing with a new sewing animation once you’ve unlocked the rattan wicker chest! Don’t miss the casual bohemian outfits and hairstyles for the perfect outdoor party!

Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in AEST):

NEW Desert Oasis Live Event: 10-day event starting Tuesday 10th March

NEW Maternity Pack 11 – Start a Pregnancy Event between Thursday 19th March – Friday 27th March, and successfully complete all your tasks to win maternity rewards!

NEW SimChase S12: Desert Duel! 7-day event starting from Tuesday 24th March.

NEW SimChase S13: Boho Battleground! 7-day event starting from Thursday 9th April.

‘Chocolate Egg Chase’ Player Favourite Rerun: 7-day event starting from Monday 30th March.

‘Prepped for Prom’ Hobby Rerun: 7-day event starting from Thursday 9th April.

‘Wedding Presents’ Live Event Rerun: 7-day event from Tuesday 31st March.

‘The Charming Barber’ Hobby Event Rerun: 7-day event from Thursday 19th March.

We hope your Sims enjoy being immersed in the laid-back lifestyle of the desert oasis in SimTown! Chat with fellow community members and SimGurus on The Sims FreePlay Twitter, follow us on Facebook, and double-tap our posts on Instagram!

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