Site V4.3

Released: 19th June 2020


  • Revamped entire home page and now thumbnails show correct size
  • Renamed “Maxis News” to “EA News” and includes EA Play, EA, Origin, Origin Access & EA Access categories.
  • Added in Steam links to all The Sims 4 pages
  • Updated and amended some The Sims 4 pages.

To Do

  • Create or amend thumbnails for TS4 game, EPs, SPs & GPs.
  • Add missing game screenshots
  • Get to support WEBP format

In Progress

  • Custom menus for specific pages
  • Adding in some publicly released Sims music.
  • Revamp page colours
  • Adding in Press Releases
  • Add TS1, TS2, Spore and SimCity pages
  • Amending page icons & adding in help sections in pages

Whats Broken

  • Home page on mobile has slight wiggle to it
  • Old videos sizes are wrong

What’s Next

  • Possibly create categories; Base Game, Stuff Pack, Expansion Pack and Game Pack
  • Either amend home page section ‘Latest Sims 4 News’ to ‘Latest Base Game News’ or remove section completely. 
  • Possibly merge “The Sims Mobile”, “The Sims FreePlay” sections into a new “Mobile” section.

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