Go Green or Go Greed: You Decide in SimCity Cities of Tomorrow

Released today, the launch trailer from SimCity™ Cities of Tomorrow* gives players tips and tricks on the new specializations that transform your cities of today into the cities of tomorrow. Go here to watch the video to help you decide which side of the green or greed path you will take when SimCity Cities of Tomorrow is available on November 15.    

You could go green and establish The Academy in your city – save the trees and research new technologies like the MagLev. The big drawback, it’ll cost your Sims a lot of money. Or you could be greedy and invest in OmegaCo. Your city will be consumed by OmegaCo factories and shops as you watch the money roll in. You will have to pillage and plunder your natural resources, but that’s all in the name of success, right? In SimCity Cities of Tomorrow, every move you make takes your city one step closer into transforming into the city of tomorrow. Go green. Go greed. Or, make a hybrid of both. It’s your future. You decide.

Set these new specializations against the backdrop of massive vertical structures called MegaTowers that extend high into the sky and dwarf the rest of your city. With the right balance, the MegaTowers become self-sustainable monoliths that cater to all the needs of your Sims under one roof.

Built upon the foundation of the ultimate city building simulation that has more than two million players worldwide, SimCity Cities of Tomorrow gives players the ability to evolve their cities as they take them on a journey into the future. Every future technology you place into your city transforms the surrounding area, bringing your city into the future. New regions, new future technology, new city specializations and new transportation methods will transform the way that cities take shape and evolve.

SimCity Cities of Tomorrow is rated PEGI 7 and is now available for pre-order on Origin.com and at retailers across the world. For more information and to download the latest assets, please visit: www.info.ea.com

*Requires SimCity base game to operate