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Game pages

  • Updated a few pages with screenshots

Game Pages

  • Fixed some images links
  • Fixed the lightbox


  • [MOBILE] Fixed the logo, should now show a smaller version.

Home Page

  • Added poll section
  • Temporarily removed Reviews/Events sections
  • Moved category list down
  • Removed second line of plumbobs
  • Merged Feedback tab into "Site Changes" tab.
  • Increased updates section to show 5 posts.
  • Removed category list


Home Page

  • Edited the slider from 6 to 4 posts.
  • Removed a line of plumbobs.
  • Edited the "Whats new" section to show latest posts.
  • Slider no longer shows on mobile

  • New look theme
  • New speedy server
  • Revamped homepage (still a work in progress)
  • Revamped logo (same colours, new font & new plumbob)
  • New look pages

Why have you not used the rebranded logos/packshot?

Simple, I don't have them or the logos are white and blend in with the background. Once I find coloured versions I'll update the logos. When I get the new packshots I'll also update.