The Sims 4 Update 1.56.52

Please note: A newer update was released 12 November 2019.

A new update is out now that brings the game to for PC and for Mac users. Go update your game and sim away!

PC  / Mac

We have a couple new costumes for your Sims collection! An adult male and female robot costume are now available in Create a Sim.

In addition we have a couple of issues that we addressed, that we hope will improve your game experience.


General Issues
Inward facing doors set to “Lock Door For All” will now actually lock.
Attempting to place a room while using the Sims 3 Camera Mode should no longer inform players that “Roofs can’t be placed in enclosed rooms.”
Sims will no longer become jealous when sims with the Player trait perform romantic interactions with other Sims in front of them.
The cheat “clock._set_milliseconds_per_sim_second” should no longer crash the game. If you know what this cheat does, feel free to let SimGuruNinja know.
City Living
We addressed an issue that was allowing non greeted Sims to enter your apartment uninvited.
Get Famous
Sims in the Actor career on a gig that have cancelled the “Tell director ready to perform” interaction, will no longer find themselves blocked by being unable to initiate the interaction.
Island Living
Sims should no longer get the Sudden Chill moodlet after drinking several Kava beverages.


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